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What is this BMS Course?

BMS is an abbreviation for Building Management System, this course is very important for all engineers, sepcially the Mechanical, Electrical, ICT and MEP Engineers
This course is being teached by engineer Mohamed Zidan who has +17 years experience in the electromechanical field in multiple countries.
He will teach this system for you from zero level until almost you understand everything in this system

Success Story

Imagine you are an engineer working on a project; in this project, you have multiple MEP equipment like Chiller, primary Pumps, Secondary Pumps, MV Switch Gear, Transformer, Main Distribution Boards (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDB), Generator, Air Handling Units (AHUs), Fan Coil Units (FCUs), Variable Air Volumes (VAVs) and other equipment. So controlling and monitoring all this equipment will be impossible without the availability of the BMS System.

Hence, your company will search for an engineer who has the ability to supervise the installation of this system in the project, so if you have this skill, the company may promote you to a better position as not all the engineers understand this system. Moreover, they may increase your salary.

But, if you don't have this skill, may they will hire another engineer who has this skill, plus he may have the other skills that you have. Imagine, in this case, what will your company do with you???

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Building Management System ( BMS ) Online Course
Here what will you learn in this course

You will know why it’s very important to have a BMS system in any project.

Overview of the different MEP equipment existing in a project.

The common manufacturers in the BMS industry.

The hierarchy & different levels of the BMS system.

What is the Field Level of the BMS System?

What are the different field devices in the BMS system?

The function of each field device and where to use it.

Theoretical and practical explanations for each field device.

The connection and wiring points of the field devices.

What is the Automation Level of the BMS System?

What are the components of the Automation Level?

The different types of signals in the BMS system.

The difference between input and output points.

The different types of modules.

The different types of controllers.

You will know how to decide the required number of modules in your DDC panel.

You will learn how to read the data of a BMS controller.

What is a BMS Protocol?

How to convert from one protocol to another protocol.

Difference between Monitor, Control, and Integration.

What is the function of the Management Level in the BMS System?

What are the components of the management level in the BMS system?

Different types of peripherals at the management level.

The different types of cables in the BMS System.

The specifications and function of each cable.

Where to use each cable.

How to pull the cable practically on-site.

What is the Variable Air Volume?

Different Types of the VAV.

The function and connection points of the VAV.

The controller of the VAV

The connection points of the VAV.

The connection between thermostat and VAV.

What is the BMS Protocol?

How to convert from one protocol to another one?

Different Types of BMS Protocols.

What are a DDC Panel in the BMS System and its function?

What are the components of a DDC panel?

A practical explanation for DDC panel components.

Different modules can be found inside the panel.

What is MCC & VFD?

A practical explanation for MCC contains VFD.

What is the graphics of the BMS system?

What is the set point of a field device?

What will happen when changing the set point of a sensor?

A practical explanation for the graphics in the BMS system.

What are the most important documents in the BMS system?

What are the most important drawings in the BMS system?

How to read the wiring diagram of a BMS layout?

What is the list of materials for a BMS system?

What is the sequence of operation of the BMS system?

Practical examples from the site to the documents & drawings of the BMS system.

A complete practical explanation for MEP equipment.

You will know the function of this equipment and its different MEP connections.

You will know the different BMS field devices connected to this equipment.

You will see the wiring of the different field devices.

Why and where to use each BMS field device on this equipment?

And many awesome things you will discover in this course.

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 Deserve to spend some time. The instructor covers key points, field devices, protocols, and some other important factors.

 Very good introduction. I wish it was longer!! Good details, and the last video really helps to explain visually the components of the AHU. I would pay to see another course from Mr. Mohammed showing videos for all components controlled by the BMS!!! Thanks. Worth the money!!!

 The best online course for BMS is available right now.

 So far I enjoyed the course 


Interesting course content and Amazing elaboration!

I like this course

Great intro to BMS, gives a good visual understanding of the system and how its all connected.

Honestly, I don't usually write feed back for courses but, this course extremely helpful and mixed with real jobsite. Its combined with theatrical education and jobsite education. Also there is no unnecessary information.

Very detailed and well laid out. The instructor went above and beyond.

Very Informative and resourceful course. Loved the practical videos and explanation. Thank you Engineer.

Great and very practical. Keep up the good work.


thank you Engineer Mohamed for this amazing course , really it was amazing in every aspect , a true professional and expert engineer, can't wait for more courses from your kind side


Excellent course. Recommended for the engineers who wants to pursue on BMS Systems. Thank you.


This BMS course is really helpful, well explained, and detailed.

Very excellent method to learn the people's. And knowledge is very good of instructor as per his experience.


Mohamed Zidan ,You have showed realtime Practical Knowledge for Each Sensor,Thank you very much, Godbless you Good Health,Wealth with Knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will be the validity of the course?

This course has lifetime access, so if your purchase it now, you will watch all the current and future videos without paying any extra cost.

What do I need to watch for the course?

Only you need an internet connection and a device connected to the internet, like Laptop, PC, Mobile, or Tablet.

Is there any certificate?

Yes, after completing the course, you will receive a completion certificate.

Now I'm not free and don't have free time to watch this course 

The good thing about this course is all the lectures are recorded in high quality and uploaded to the website, so there is no need for any live attendance, so whenever you are free, you can watch the course.

How many lectures are uploaded to this course?

Until today, I uploaded more than 48 lectures, but this is not the end, as more lectures will be uploaded soon. So if you purchase lifetime access to the course today, you will get all the future updates for free.

Why is this course different than the other courses?

Because I brought you the practical installations & explanations of the different field devices on-site, I'm explaining how they are installed on the MEP equipment and the control and management levels practically. So while you are relaxing, you can watch step by step how things are installed in a proper way. Hence, no more imagining but reality.

 BMS Practical Online Course

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